[DAY_ONEHUNDREDNINETEEN] Orang Muda dan Masa Depan Jurnalisme: Bangkitnya Model Jurnalisme Konektif

Rujukan kunci:
Clark, L. S. and Marchi, R. M. (2017). Young People and the Future of News: Social Media and the Rise of Connective Journalism. Cambridge University Press.

The changing definition of “news” as produsing: producing + using
The new relational approach concept on journalism: Connective journalism.

Who? young people, students
what triggered these? BlackLivesMatter; sexual assault; etc.
what means? social media platforms
what’s left unnoticed? their concerns
by whom? legacy news / consolidated news media giants
to what effect?
1) It no longer matters the credible source of news, but who told you about this “news”? Are they someone close to you?
2) Sharing and discussing it (the so-called “news”) is more important than finding the “truth of the content”

(to be continued tomorrow, August 22, 2020)

By Hendar Putranto

I am a doctorate student in Communication Science, FISIP Universitas Indonesia, starting in 2019. Hope this blog fulfills my studious passion to communicate?

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