ONLINE Course Masyarakat Filsafat Indonesia Periode September 2021: Kita versus Pandemi

One of my proud moments in 2021 is joining this group of well-known thinkers and participating to perform some timely reflections on the public discourse of Covid-19, (Mass) Death and its dire consequences. Facilitated by the creative work of Masyarakat Filsafat Indonesia, mas Agus, mas Arif and I would bring the audience to a higher level of consciousness on the complex social construction of Covid-19, (mass) death and public policies related to its particular context.

Here’s the flyer of the overall event!

Here’s the teaser for the first session delivered by me on Friday, Sept. 7, 2021.

Hey, we’ve got two more sessions coming up, today (Friday, Sept 24, 2021) [flyer below]

and next week on Friday, Oct. 1, 2021.

Please come and join us, gaess!

By Hendar Putranto

I am a doctorate student in Communication Science, FISIP Universitas Indonesia, starting in 2019. Hope this blog fulfills my studious passion to communicate?

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